Friday, March 23, 2012

How to hide you Caller ID to Call in Pakistan

Now it is completely possible to hide your caller id, when you are calling to Pakistan numbers. if you want to show your private number while you call to any Pakistan numbers. you have to visit this website for complete guide

an other way
For PTCL landlines:
Dial 00448700360413 and pay attention to the computer
then switch your variety which you want to create contact following with # key
and delay a second, now your variety is invisible and discuss anonymously.

For Mobile Phone:
Just switch 00448700360413p00923001234567# and hit contact button
(dial 00448700360413-00923001234567# carry for a second…your variety is hidden)
Your call ID will appear as personal contact, +88888888, +1900 etc.; this
method is very extensive Please examine contact prices before creating this
call because you will hook up first to UK redirected variety and then
redirect to Pakistan.

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