Monday, July 22, 2013

Top most beautiful women in the world.

Top most beautiful women in the world.
There is often a lot of debate concerning the most beautiful women.  There is almost no one point that defines who a beautiful woman is. However, there are some women who are considered by the majority of the people to be beautiful. These are people who are not only pleasant to look at but have a well-defined body shape. Such women are not very common but still are to be found in many parts of the world. In fact most women are very happy to be referred to as beautiful.
The world most beautiful women often work in the entertainment industry as movie stars and models. This is because they will often attract large audiences to their shows which mean bigger successes. To exactly determine who the world’s most beautiful women are, several surveys have been carried out. These have led to questioning the people especially men whom they consider to be beautiful and which criteria they use to tell a beautiful woman. Based on these surveys, some women have been considered by many people to be beautiful. Let’s look at the top five women that have been largely regarded to as beautiful.
The first on the list is Laetitia Casta. She hails from France. She is both an actress and a model. Her face show why she has been voted numerous times as the most beautiful woman. Little wonder that she has appeared in more than 100 magazine covers. Her face has been used in cosmetic companies to sponsor their products.
The second woman on our list is Pamela Anderson Lee. This is almost a household name. This woman is so beautiful that she turns heads wherever she goes. Despite some controversy about her lifestyle there is no arguing about the fact that she is one of the world beautiful women.
The third woman on our list is Elle MacPherson. This is an Australian top model. She has appeared on many issues of magazines. This is not enough she still has a lingerie line which is a top seller.
Coming to our fourth most beautiful woman in the world,Heide Klum, she is a fashion designer and a musician. She hails from Germany and is well known beyond her country.
Catherine Zeta Jones is the last woman in our top five most beautiful women in this list. Being last on our list doesn’t mean she is less beautiful. She hails from Wales. She is a Hollywood star and due to her appealing looks, she appears in many movies. She surely earns her place in our list of most beautiful women.

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